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Taylor Village Brochure

Taylor Village is a master planned community offering custom homes to Families and a special age restricted community for residents "55 and better".

Taylor Village nestled in the old forests of Ellicott City Maryland was designed to appeal to younger and older buyers alike. Its sales materials were created with these two unique targets in mind. The branding and imagery were designed to set Taylor Village apart as a unique and special place that was deeply integrated into the land and its past. Offering a serene and natural place to live and grow. The imagery used in the brochure gives a sense of space and broad vistas. The green color connotes a natural forest with its leaf like texture. The gold color of the grass imbues warmth and comfort and the sky blue interior is open and regenerative.

Client: Land Design and Development
Created for: The Caplan Group

2000-2010 Mark Armbruster

An overview brochure for Taylor Village. »Click here to see the website and here to see the identity I created.