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Mark Armbruster Logo header Brochure cover Brochure Brochure cover Brochure cover Brochure is the global leading online affiliate network acquired by AOL in 2008.

In the re-branding efforts during AOL's Platform-A phase, all product marketing materials were developed using a similar communication style to portray the products with a unified voice and style, including and its many product and technology offerings.

I created a color and design style that integrated with the Platform-A branding created by SS+K but was also more vibrant, hip and edgy through the use of relevant photography and supplemental graphics. In this brochure for a shopping cart graphic made up of dot shapes is utilized throughout the brochure both in subtle and bolder instances to emphasize the "retail" nature of the affiliate network and its relationship with and

Client: Platform-A
Created for: Platform-A

2000-2010 Mark Armbruster

A brochure for Click here to see how this design was carried throughout other Platform-A materials.