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Fairwood Community Amenities Brochure view 1

Fairwood Community Amenities Brochure view 2Fairwood Community Amenities Brochure view 3

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Fairwood Community Amenities Brochure

The community of Fairwood is a premiere planned community that is packed full of amenities. A brochure was need to showcase all of the rich features this unique community had to offer its potential residents. Many of these features are unique to a Rouse master planned community and help differentiate it from other communities found nearby.

The multi-page brochure was designed with stair stepped pages that create a tabbed like function making it easier to see the many different amenities at a glance and thumb through them quickly for reference. I photographed a majority of the images used in this brochure. Since I was intimately aware of each of the amenities found throughout the community and new first hand when would be the best time of day for optimal light to capture and render each scene I was able to create stunning images in a short period of time that were utilized through out the entire advertising campaign.

Client: The Rouse Company
Created for: The Caplan Group

2000-2010 Mark Armbruster

An amenities brochure for the Fairwood Community. »Click here to see another print piece for Fairwood. View the Fairwood website created here.