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I was fortunate to be able to work on the entire range of deliverables for From the very initial concepting of the brand, through name selection, creation and url purchase. To the entire brand build out, logo design, website design, packaging design and entire marketing plan implementation. is an e-commerce site that is designed with ease of use in mind and delivers an extremly quick and clutter free shopping experience. The design is crafted from many user requirements like the wide range of products featured and sold to the diverse customer base located around the world. Because the site has to appeal to men and women, young and old who are hunting for the best deals on the internet a very clean basic and friendly design was crafted that is intuitive and simple. The design uses generous amounts of white space to give some air and balance to the the many visual components arranged on any given page throughout the site. This also allows for future features and dynamic elements to be more easily implemented. The design of an ecommerce site of this size is a great undertaking. There are a myriad of user interface and experience challenges in every nook and cranny of the site. It was a great learning experience that I am thankful to have had.

Client: Optoro, Inc.
Created while employed with Optoro, Inc.

2000-2010 Mark Armbruster

The live website can be seen here.

The logo design can be seen here. marketing and collateral work can be seen here.