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StratoQuest Website

StratoQuest's website is the online presence for Cheryl Stearns the female record holder for several competitive skydiving competitions and feats. Cheryl is a lecturer and Commercial Airline pilot who holds the Guinness World Record for the most parachute jumps in 24 hours by a woman, 352 jumps (November 8-9, 1995). During this endurance test, Cheryl added an additional challenge by aiming for a five-centimeter target on each jump. Despite the cold and wind, Cheryl hit the target a record 188 times: 104 in daytime, 84 at night.

The site is designed to convey the sense of accomplishments Cheryl has achieved and the dynamic nature of her quest to achieve the record of the highest skydive from the stratosphere utilizing a special suit that will steer her to a deployable altitude. A custom flash animation that depicts a balloon ascent into the stratosphere an element that is part of the Stratosphere logo was created for the introduction to the website.

Client: Cheryl Stearns
Created for: Personal Client

2000-2010 Mark Armbruster

Several pages form the StratoQuest website. See the live site here.